After prayerful consideration of the advice and suggested directives coming from our government officials as well as from knowledgeable medical personnel, we have decided to cancel all our corporate activities on Sunday, March 22nd including our Worship Service. While some may still debate about the actual severity of COVID-19, most are now saying that it needs to be taken seriously. Even our usually upbeat president has
recommended that people avoid any unnecessary travel and limit any gatherings to 10 or less.

The factors that have had the most significance in making this decision are: (1) the fact that many may be carriers of the virus and not show any symptoms, (2) the fact that it has tended to have the greatest impact upon those 65 years of age and older and (3) that preemptive steps need
to be taken to limit the spread of this disease. Therefore, out of respect for those that the Lord has placed over us, we are suspending our corporate Sunday Activities, including our 10:30 Worship Time. We will reassess our decision regularly and keep you posted about what we need to do beyond March 24, 2020.

Let us join together in prayer that the Lord will protect and watch over His people as well as use this national event to draw many to Himself.